Single Facer- Quick change type

Single Facer- Quick change type


Single Facer
Single Facer


  • Quick Change + Top Vacuum type.
  • Quick Change device saves time and facilitates operation.
  • Separate Glue Application Unit.

SF3Q Quick Change Type Single Facer Data Sheet

Effective Paper Width1600mm1800mm
Max. Production Speed120 m/min
Pressure typePneumatic
Corrugator Roll Dia.Upper: 265mmLower: 268mm
Roll TreatmentChrome / Tungsten
Pressure Roll Dia.280mm
Glue Roll Dia.210mm
Doctor Roll Dia.100mm
Preheater Dia.300mm
Auto Glue Gap ControlOptional
Vacuum typeUpper / Side
Glue DamMotorized

Mutual Functions

  • Fingerless single facer is designed for light and flexible, and suitable for light produced.
  • Pneumatic and electric controller button and indicator panel are operated on a control panel, and easy to be operated.
  • Pressure roll, glue roll and cool-glue roll are finished by Chrome-Plating treatment.
  • Adhesive chink is adjusted and displayed by motorized to easily control adjusting adhesive chink, and it can precisely control upper glue amount.
  • Adhesive pan dam is controlled by motorized to adjust the width when in use.
  • Glue can be the circulation to avoid glue drying up and viscosity changed making unable to stick.
  • Glue roll be the function of stopping running to avoid glue drying up and stick on roll, making flute off line and waste papers increased.
  • Developed N Flute, no matter width or length all produce by the same roll. The speed of N flute produced is up to 120m/min.

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