A professional corrugated cardboard equipment manufacturer in Taiwan.

  • Flute Cassette Change Type Single Facer SF7Q

    Cassette change type, corroll could change within 30 minutes.

  • NC Cutter CT50

    Helical Knife Design and the cutting length accuracy is ±0.5mm; power bank design; preprint cut to mark function design available for option.

  • Slitter Scorer SS60R-2C

    Bottom knife design; zero scoring distance design available; equipped with automatic grinding system and motorized suctions.

  • Mill Roll Stand

    Motorized operation individually in both directions is adopted. Each arm is equipped with hydraulic cylinder for holding paper and doing left or right adjustment.

Champion Machinery Co., LTD.

Champion Machinery has specialized in corrugator equipment manufacturing for 30 years. We CARE about our own Earth, we CAN save energy source for you, we can CHANGE the world .