0 Scoring Computerize Slitter Scorer

Slitter Scorer / A professional corrugated cardboard equipment manufacturer in Taiwan.

0 Scoring Computerize Slitter Scorer

SS 60R-2C

Slitter Scorer
Slitter Scorer


  • Drive Control – Computerized.
  • Memory – More than 100 sets.
  • The setting precision gauge within±1mm.
  • Scoring & slitting seat movement is adjusted by the ball screw. The dimension removed fast and accuracy.

SS60R-2C Slitter & Scorer Data Sheet

Effective Paper Width1600mm1800mm2200mm2500mm
Max. Production Speed300 m/min
Blade typeRazor
Main PowerIndependent AC motor with inverter for Slitting and scoring
Min. Slitting Distance170 mm
Min. Scoring Distance0 mm
Slitting Knife (pcs)5/6 pcs5/7 pcs7 pcs7 pcs
Scoring Wheel8/10 pcs8/12 pcs12 pcs12 pcs
O.D. of Slitting Blade260 mm
O.D. of Scoring Wheel207 mm
Machine L/R movement± 75 mm
Mechnical DriveBall Screw with Linear Bearing
Control SystemComputerized
Scoring DepthDigital Adjustment and Read-out
Preset Order100 sets
Scoring & Slitting Seat MovementIndependent Pneumatic Drive
Machine Accuracy± 1 mm

Mutual Functions

  • Bottom knife razor type for high quality burr-less.
  • Machine movable left or right up to ±75 mm.
  • Set of grinders for each knife.
  • Drive system synchronized with belt drive unit.
  • Additional scoring / slitting set optional.

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